Friday, May 20, 2011

Business Communication - Formal and Informal Language

There are two types of standard language. The language we speak at home, with friends is informal. It is like casual clothes which people use on informal occasions. Formal language on the other hand is used in offices, businesses and other formal occasions. It is like a suit or dress for public and formal situation.

Formal Language:

We use formal language when we are dealing with serious business affairs. The situations which call for it include the following:
Applications for jobs
Letters to public and utility companies
Business letters
Business reports and memos
Public discussions of serious issues
Formal reports (e.g accident reports)
Oral and written reports
Class discussion
Discussions in conferences, seminars, assemblies and courts.

In formal language we avoid slangs and informal words and sentences. Here we are more respectful, courteous, reserved and careful. We use more resources of the language because it has more synonyms. Audience takes the subject seriously and pays solemn attention to the subject.

Informal Language:

It is spoken language. It is used in private conversation and we use it in personal letters. Informal language has all purpose words. For example boss I all purpose word which is used informally to mean manager, director, employer, owner, gang leader or supervisor. It may be funny which may make us smile such as cheaters which as a slang means eyes glasses.

This language is often used when you are in a hurry. To do so you use contractions such as I’m, I’ve, she’s, it’s and we’re. We are informal free and close to the reader or listener.

Deciding on whether the business language is formal, less formal or informal is not important. The importance of the business communication lies in the fact that it must be understandable, clear and concrete to the point and bring the efficacious, desired results.


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